What Kayla's students say about her...

Phenomenal care with facilitating critical subject matter as it pertains to the experiences of those who are often othered based on Notre Dame norms (e.g. socio-economic status, disability, race, etc.). The widened scope of students, as a result, was evident.”

“Prof. Pierce is an excellent instructor. This was my favorite class this semester, and a lot of that has to do with the way Prof. Pierce explained and related difficult concepts to the everyday world. I found myself learning and applying the concepts from class to my life almost instantly. I’ve never been so engaged in a class and also been able to apply what I’ve learned to real-life situations.”

“She has a passion for the subject material and is able to work in real world and personal experiences to heighten the gravitas of the concepts. Her use of videos and personal examples are unparalleled and did an amazing job of helping me to master the course.”

Teaching Philosophy

Not only do my students leave the classroom with a breadth of empirical knowledge, but they have also practiced the skill of applying sociological theories to the world around them.  I introduce students to theories through my lectures and then demonstrate their applications in YouTube videos, news articles, and podcasts. Then I give students the opportunity to flex their theoretical muscles by exercising their skills during class activities and reflection writing assignments. By the end of my course, students can engage critically with the taken-for-granted forces that structure their world.

Course Evaluations